Hydroseeding in North Idaho, Sandpoint Idaho or Helena Montana. Hydroseeding is a very cost effective way to establish a new lawn. Once the lawn area has been prepared by yourself or your landscape company we can come in a quickly and efficiently apply a hydroseeding mixture. This mixture is a blend of materials including biodegradable mulch, seed, tack and fertilizer.

The mixture helps to hold water close to the ground and slow down evaporation giving the seed a longer amount of time when it is damp. These conditions cause faster germination and stronger seed then just applying dry seed to the dirt.

The seed to soil contact is also greater because of the application pressures which allows for a healthier lawn right at the start. The fertilizer provides the nutrients that are needed for a healthy lawn.

If you are looking for hydroseeding in North Idaho or the Sandpoint Idaho area then give us a call at 208-597-3377.

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